Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Diane's donation

Diane L. has a magic closet that holds all kinds of quilty treasures in it.

Diane is also in the process of moving from a house that she has lived in for MANY years, to a new house.  Gives me chills just to think about having to move.  I have lived in this house for over 30 years.

So as she was sorting through her quilt tops, she ran across one that wasn't going to make the move to the new house with her.  Instead she decided to donate it to us, and allow it to bring cheer to someone who was having a rough go of it.

I really like this quilt top!  It is always amazing to me what I see in a picture versus looking directly at the top.  Here in this picture I see the same block in three different color ways. Two with dark green pedals, three with white and green floral pedals and four with light green pedals.  I find that extremely interesting and fascinating.  I would of never thought about doing something like that and yet I love it.  And yes I know that there are subtle differences in each of the blocks, so no two are identical.

This top reads very feminine to me and is going to be a great donation quilt for the center after I get it quilted.  I think I will spend just a little more time with this one, and maybe quilt feathers on it to make it a little more special than what I normally do with these donations.

Thank you Diane for sharing once again!  That magic closet of yours must go all the way to China.

Have a good week everyone.


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