Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feeling Guilty

Yep this post is late.  Which I hate.  The problem is that I have been really lazy the last couple of weeks.  Well not really, but something had to be moved to the back burner and unfortunately Iowa Comfort is what got moved there.

If you follow the blog you know that I have 5 (yes count them 5) sisters flying in from California and Alaska.  They start arriving 2 weeks from tomorrow.  3 are staying for a week the other 2 for 2 weeks.

To say that I am in overdrive would be an understatement.  My mind will not shut off, I keep thinking of ways to entertain them.... I mean really they are coming to Iowa from the beautiful landscape of Alaska and California.  Iowa the landscape of corn and soybeans....and livestock.

The first week is planned with trips to the Amana colonies, wine tasting tours, a memorial service for my Dad at Iowa Veterans cemetery, some grave stomping, the Madison County Bridges and John Wayne's museum, the Des Moines farmers market and a family BBQ, and even  a day of fabric organization.

To lighten my load my awesome hubby contacted Merry Maids to do a deep clean for me, allowing me to focus on the fun stuff.  Let's just say that the last week has been spent with me cleaning.  I just about have it done, but I have a couple of major projects that still need to be done this week.

I am still working on me also.  And between two hours on the treadmill and the deep cleaning.  Quilting and genealogy hasn't gotten much time.  that reminds me I still need to clean the quilting room so sister Kellie can have that room doing her visit. 

I am going to try to get a couple of the Iowa comfort tops quilted this week.  Not sure if it will happen but it is on the schedule.

Hopefully life will be normal when August rolls around.  Right now I am going to enjoy my sisters and the ride, and try not to beat myself up to bad. Hope you all understand.

Enjoy the week, and the holiday.

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