Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jean's DonationPart 2

In the last post I showed you the wonderful quilt top that Jean V pieced together for Iowa Comfort.

In addition to that quilt top, she did a little stash purging.... and donated that purged fabric to Iowa Comfort.

Now before you all remind me that I am not accepting fabric donations, remember to every rule there is an exception.  This fabric meet that exception.  It is quilt shop quality and larger cuts of at least one yard.  Besides they are my rules and subject to change on my whim and desire.  :-)

Lets take a look at what she sent us.

There were several cuts of star fabric in various colors.

And pastel yellow and pink heart fabric.

Then there was these cuts of polka dot fabric.  I would consider two of the fabrics bright, and one subtle.

We have car and truck fabric for a little boy.

Animal themed fabric, from bears to bunnies.

Here we have some eclectic fabric that will make great filler fabric with some of those other pieces.

These fabric pieces are number themed.  The top piece may be big enough to be the backing for the bottom panel.

A couple of more unique pieces.  I think I had the ABC fabric measured to be the backing of the middle panel of farm animals.

There are two of these soft ABC panels.

And then there is this cute panel also.  This one just makes me smile!  I was have tempted to use it as an up coming baby gift....but I was good and didn't do it.  When completed it will be donated just like every other donated top/ fabric/ panel I have received.

I am deep into preparations for the sister reunion.... so I haven't been doing a lot of quilting for Iowa Comfort.  I did managed last week to get my quilt for my own bed quilted, this week I am working on getting it bound and cleaning my house.

Next week I have a donation of pillowcases to show you.

Have a great week everyone!

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