Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fabric Donation!

First thing I want to say is that I am still not accepting fabric donations....that being said there is an exception to every rule and this was it.

I received a call from Colleen T. that Fons & Porter was doing some shop cleaning and she wondered if I could us some fabric for Iowa Comfort. I was told that most of it would be designer samples that the shop had not used.  You just can't say no to that, or at least I couldn't.

Colleen dropped off a box and a large shopping bag one night in January.  It took me several days to start sorting through it... but when I did I was amazed at what I found.

There is no way that I will be able to show it all to you in one or two posts...so depending on whether I have completed projects to show you, the posts on this donation may be split up. 

As I started to unpack the donation I realized that I new nothing about how sample fabric is sent to shop owners.  What I received was several pieces of varying lengths of fabric from a line. Sometimes there was a panel with coordinating fabric.  Other times it was the same design in a different color way. 

I have to admit I was dreading the idea of having to go through the box and getting everything wrapped on to my mini bolts for storage!  Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I realized that each sample had little hangers attached to the fabric. (BIG SMILE! NO FOLDING) 

Once sorted these pieces were promptly transported downstairs to my walk in closet (also know as Iowa Comfort storage closet) to be hung up next to the quilt tops patiently waiting for their turn on the longarm.

I now have more fabric, batting and quilt tops in that closet than I do clothes, and it is my main closet.

I am going to show you a couple more photo's before I close off this post.

There were a lot of fat quarter bundles in the donation.  It appears to be from four different lines.  I am going to keep them all together and try to come up with a quilt top that  works well with fat quarters.

This box is all Christmas fabric.  I have some other Christmas fabric that I haven't used. I just wasn't sure that a Christmas quilt would be appropriate for the center.  I will talk to them about it next time I go in... but as I sit here and type this post a thought just popped into my noggin.  Maybe I could use this fabric to make Christmas stockings for the residents of center...that might be truly appreciated. (of course if I do that I am going to have to find a super easy pattern because I don't sew, I quilt!).

This post is getting long so I will show you more of the donation in future posts.

Thank you so much Fons & Porter for the generous gift.  We will make some beautiful quilts with this fabric for people in our community!

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