Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Down to the wire

It is Sunday afternoon, and my mind is going a HUNDRED MILES a minute!  I am trying to think of all of the things I need to get completed prior to boarding the plane bright an early on Wednesday morning.

So right this minute I am making myself write two blog posts to take me through the time I am in Alaska. With that being said there won't be any posts on my adventures in Alaska until March 11th.  I normally only post about our quilts, but I will break tradition and share some of my outings with you on that post.  I DO PLAN to frequent at least a couple of quilt shops while visiting my little sister. My anticipation is that I will see fabric there that I can't find locally in Iowa.  Time will only tell if I am correct or not.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post:

Can I just say that quilters are the very best people in the world!

Remember the post from 2/4/14.  The little cowboy quilt?  Well Nancy H. went through all of her beanie babies in search of a horse for that quilt.  She couldn't find a horse but she found this adorable little cow to go with that quilt.  So those cowboys are out on a trail drive now!

As long as she was going through her collection, she boxed up all of these little guys for future Hope Quilts.  

Aren't they just the cutest things in the world! And as if that wasn't enough Nancy bound two Hope Quilts for me, and supplied us with beanie babies for them also.  Check them out:

Both of these quilts were pieced together by the women of the Adel Christian Church.  These women also create children's quilts for a local hospital. I truly appreciate all of their generosity, thank you one and all!  And don't those two stuffed animals go perfect with each quilt?  I think so.  

And last but not least, when Nancy finished trimming the quilts....she cut down all of the scraps for the doggy beds! Yippee these scraps go from this bag directly into a doggy bed when I get home from Alaska.

Thanks again Nancy and the women of the Adel Christian Church for all of your help and generosity.

Hope everyone has a great week! I know I will in Alaska visiting my sister and husband.

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