Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blessed with wonderful volunteers

Here we are three years in this experiment of helping those in our own community, and we still have wonderful volunteers.

This week I am going to focus on my piecing volunteers.

I have two bedsize quilt tops that were pieced by volunteers.

Here is the first one.

This quilt top was pieced by Theresa H. it is a generous twin size quilt.  

The fabric was donated by the Ladies of the Retreat a couple of years ago.  Jacque always has a charity project for those attending her retreat.  On the 10th anniversary she asked everyone to donate a 10 inch fall square.  Iowa Comfort recieved enough squares to make 3 bed size quilts.

Here is the second one:

This top was pieced by Penny W for us.  It was made from the same donated fall fabric from Jacque's retreat.

I always find it intresting how quilters interpret fabric.  Both of these quilts are so different.  The top one reminds me of fall foliage.  The bottom one reminds me of Halloween or Thanksgiving with all the pumpkins in it and orange and red fabrics.

I have two quilts to get on the long arm this week, but I hope to get quilt number one on the long arm this week end.  Hopefully I will be able to juggle my busy schedule and pull it off.

I also need to get a donation ready...so if you currently have one of our quilts to bind, if you could let me know how soon it will be ready I would appreciate it.

Thank you again Theresa and Penny for piecing the quilt tops.  You both did a great job!  Also to Jacque and all of you that donated 10 inch squares.

More donations to share next week

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