Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pillow cases and fabric donations

A couple of weeks ago I got a FB message from Colleen T.  She asked if I would be home, she had a fabric donation for Iowa Comfort.  As luck would have it, my afternoon was free for a drop off. 

I know I am sounding like a broken record.... but I really am not taking any fabric donations right now.  But in this case we were talking large pieces that could be used as backing.

Colleen showed up at my back door a few minutes later with these:

 Four very heavy bags of quilt shop quality fabric.  This fabric was donated to us by Tony J.  If I remember correctly, he came into the fabric's possession by acquiring someone else's stash.  He had to cull some of the fabric.... Colleen told him about Iowa Comfort and he graciously agreed to  donate it to us.

So I have spent the last several evenings, sorting the fabric and wrapping it on to mini bolts.

As you can see there was a lot of fabric in those sacks.  Great news for Iowa comfort there was a lot of fabric that could be used as blenders.  I spent yesterday getting these bolts into the shelves under my long arm.

One of those sacks had basically all cat fabric in it.  I decided that making some pillow case kits out of that fabric would be a good use of that fabric.  I have 15 kits ready to be sewn together.  

These are pillow case kits in waiting.  9 kits that need me to find a cuff or flange to get the kit finished. I am going to work on that this week.

This fabric are all large cuts that can be used as backing material. 

 In those five prints we have 26 yards of fabric.  15 of which is of pony material.  I see lots of little boy quilts being made for that backing.

This is all I have left to sort from this donation.  These are smaller,  irregular pieces of fabric.  I will work this week to get these ironed and cut into usable precut fabrics for future quilts. 

Colleen also sewed up 12 pillow cases for our challenge.  Aren't they bright and cheerful!  

Officially these are pillow cases 288 - 299. So we have met our goal of 250, and are 3/5 of the way to reaching 500 for the year.

Thank you so much Tony for the donation of fabric.  Special thanks to Colleen for steering Tony our way and for making pillow cases for us.

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