Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I have said it before, I will say it again.  Quilters are just the most generous people out there.

Last week I received a call from Betty W. she asked if I was available for a fabric drop off.  

Now you all know that I am currently not accepting any fabric donations....but with every rule there is the exception.  Betty had two bags of already cut down doggy bed scraps.

Those bags went directly into doggy beds, that Hawkeye quality tested.  They were cut perfectly.  You wouldn't think that it would matter, but it does.  If the stuffing isn't small enough the dogs can't nest within the bed....and then they use it as a chew toy instead of a bed.

Betty also took home two bags that were waiting to be cut down to dog bed stuffing!  My storage unit for that material is almost empty! Imagine me jumping for joy!

Additionally Betty brought us three Hope Quilts.  Take a look at these darling little quilts.

 I especially like this one because it is more of a boy quilt. And for what ever reason, the Hope Quilts tend to be more girlish.  Some little boy will love this airplane quilt.

I didn't have a beannie baby that was a pilot.  But I thought that every little boys best friend is his dog.  So I think this little guy is the perfect companion for this quilt.

This quilt could probably go to a boy or a girl.  The lighter tan blocks is a bird print, and the darker brown blocks is an ABC print.

There were pink flamingo's in that bird print....so you know this guy belonged with this quilt.

This one reads boy quilt to me also!  Hey that could be three for three!  The blue in the quilt top and the back is a blue/yellow/green striped material.

Once again Nancy H. had supplied the perfect companion for this quilt.  This little snail can keep all of the snails in the printed blocks company.

Thank you Betty for all the wonderful Hope Quilts.  I can imagine a toddler dragging one of these behind him wherever he goes. 

Thank you also Nancy for sharing your collection with these children.  I am sure they are well loved by the child that receives the quilt and its companion.

This week I am working on a bed size Iowa Comfort quilt, and two Hope quilts.  At least that is the plan.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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