Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I should know by now that I really can not rely on my memory like I use to.  Things just fade, especially details.  Luckily I have friends that keep me on the straight and narrow.   

I made a mistake in my post on Jan. 7, 2014.  I had posted that I thought the quilt top had been donated by Jacque J.  I thought it was her shop sample from strip club.  I was correct that it was a strip club project, but Jacque sent me an email telling me that she had not donated the top.  Jacque even remembered who might have donated the top.  With her clue in hand I went back over my posts and verified that Judy B actually had donated the top.  And I remember the day that she did it now so clearly!

Judy contributes to Iowa Comfort so generously.  She has me quilt tops for her (which allows me to purchase batting, backing and thread) she donates fabric, and of course she has donated several tops to Iowa Comfort.  I so appreciate her generosity and giving nature.  I hope she will accept my apology for my senior moment!

I had hoped to show you a completed quilt this week.  I managed to get it quilted, but I wasn't able to get the binding completed by the time I wrote this post.

Can you guess why I might have trouble completing my binding?

Hawkeye thinks that if I am sitting in that chair he is suppose to be right by my side.

And he loves to lay on fabric! Such a silly dog!
Of course battling Hawkeye for space so makes me appreciate my volunteer binders also.  So I want to take a moment and say a special thank you to the gals that have volunteered to save many of our quilts from dog hair!  Nancy, Celia, Joyce and Jan you all have been life savers!  Thank you so much for all of your help over the past two years!

Hope to show you a completed project next time.

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