Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the latest deliveries

The week before Christmas was a busy.  I took a packed SUV of doggy beds to AHeintz 57 dog shelter. I believe it was 9 beds that measured 36X 36.

They were extremely nice and let me drop them off just a wee bit earlier than I should have been there.  They officially open at 11:00 on Saturdays, and I was there about 10:30.  I was heading out of town and was lucky enough to catch one of the volunteers at the Pit Stop.  They were very grateful for the dog beds, and I was able to talk to one of the gals about maybe using the high school students to cut up the fabric for the beds....for community service.  So it may be a win win situation for us all.  I still have some details to work out on that.

I also took 11 quilts to the center about a week before Christmas. 

The timing was wonderful, because they were using some of the small quilts as Christmas gifts for families with children.... and they had depleted their entire stock... and still had a need. 

Officially  I took quilts  106, 107, 114, 117,120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126 and 127.  

You can see them all in the 2013 photo gallery.

This donation was extra special, because along with the quilts Nancy donated these cute little beanie babies.

So each and everyone of the the small quilts had a Beanie Baby pinned to it as a little something extra for that child.

You should have seen me trying to match the best beanie for each quilt!  The green frog, went with quilt #127, because it had The Princess and the Frog fabric in it.  The brown Teddy Bear went with #124 because it had a brown teddy bear hugging the duck.... you get the picture.  Not all of my matches were as perfect as those two, but I have no doubt that they will all be truly appreciated.

Thank you Nancy for sharing your beanie babies with those that are less fortunate.  I can tell you that when I dropped them off and showed the staff the little extra they had this time, one gal teared up.  Please thank your girls for me also.

Since this is the last post of 2013, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who has helped with Iowa Comfort this year!  I have quickly learned that I can not do it all by myself, and although 2014 will be a slower year for production of quilts.  It will continue to be a special way to give back.

Hope you have a safe evening, and I will see you all next year.

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