Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Never ending bag of flannel.

I think that perhaps flannel is related to bunny rabbits somehow. 

I am not quiet sure how...but it must be so.  Otherwise that sack of flannel that I gave the ladies from Adel Christian Church, would not be still yielding quilts.

Margret brought me the latest installment a couple of weeks ago, and I just realized that I hadn't gotten them up yet....so here they are.

 I love pink and black together.  I think it is adorable that we have kitten themed fabric, and a doggy paw border.

 These two are pretty much the same, except for the inner border.  Both very cute!

 Yes, they did their magic and was able to put together a quilt top for a little boy.  No easy feat, as that sack of flannel was mostly pink, yellow and a little bit of blue.
Here is the last of the installment.  I love the pop of the yellow in this quilt!

All of the quilts are adorable! They will provide a smile to a small child and their mother.

Thanks again to all of the ladies who are generously donating their talents and time to this project....YOU LADIES ARE AWESOME!

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