Tuesday, March 24, 2015

April 1 is right around the corner

Last Thursday was Adel Quilting and Dry Goods open sew day.  Actually it is both Thursday and Friday, but I only go on Thursday.

I knew going in that I was going to work on pillow cases.  I had several already pinned, and I had another 10 that was cut and ready to go.

Little did I know that there was going to be a pillow case factory going on Thursday.

Sue D. was at open sew.  You might remember me telling you about her, she is allergic to sewing pillow cases.  Fortunately for me, she is not allergic to cutting them.  So Sue went to work on her stash of flannel and kitted 14 adorable pillow cases.

Here they are ready to be sewn together by someone.... and since I had already dedicated a chunk of time for pillow cases.  I decided it might as well be me.

Here they are all sewn up and ready for delivery.  These cases are so soft, warm and cuddly.  They are also much prettier than the ones I was working on from my stash.

Officially these are pillow cases 44-58.  Whoot Whoot we are a little over 25% to our goal of 250 by April 1.

I also had cases that I had cut from donated fabric.  I worked on them over the weekend also.

Not nearly as pretty as the ones that Sue kitted, but still very functional and most of these are in pairs.  So they could be used on a family bed if need be.  You will notice on these the cuff and the body of the case are the same fabric, then I added a pop of color on the flange.  Remember there are no rules for this challenge.... okay so there is one....done.

Officially these are pillow cases 59-68.

While at open sew Joyce took several cases to work on for me.  I will show you those in the next couple of posts.  Nancy H also brought me some goodies for a future post.

I am heading out today to have lunch with some quilting buddies from Northern Iowa.  They have pillow cases for our challenge.  It will be good to catch up and have some laughs.  There is always laughing when Marcia is around.  {wink wink}

I have 10 more pillow case kits to work on this week.  My goal is to do 2 a day.  These 10 are flannel so I am waiting for my machine to come back from the repair shop.  My regular machine is much more sturdy than my traveling machine.

Thank you Sue D, Nancy H and Joyce S for your donation of material, talent and time.  You guys are just the best!

More donations next week!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

finished ICQ # 168 and 169

So this is still show and tell from before my visit from my sister.  I was trying desperately to manage fabric.  So I was concentrating on fast and furious and panels were at the top of that list.  Now this little panel is upside down.  For what ever reason I was unable to get it turned.  I picked this one because as I work on Hope quilts to finish I am trying to alternate between boy and girl quilt.  The two quilts in the previous post one could go either way, one was a boys quilt and this one is a little girls.

Officially this is Iowa comfort quilt 169

After finishing 3 Hope quilts I turned to a bed size quilt.  This was a panel that was donated to us.  It is actually a queen, and will either be used on a housing family bed or will used as a family transitions away from the center.  As a resident leaves the center, the center assists in setting up there new housing as much as possible.  

Iowa Comfort quilt 168

Jan M. graciously did the binding on this quilt for me.  Jan has been so generous over the last several years with her time, stash and talents.  She is a true friend with a generous heart, thank you so much.

Jan  also donated these six pillow case kits from Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I plan to get them sewn together this week.

Mark your calendars.  I am planning on having one community sew day on May 2, 2015.  We will meet in the large room at the Adel Library from 10:00 am to around 3:00 or 4:00 pm.  I have several kits that I am hoping will can get pieced for future quilting. Most of them will be bed size quilts, although some of them will lap size quilts that can be used as Christmas presents at the center. 

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ICQ # 166 & 167

This is going to be a quick little post, with some show and tell.

I have been really busy since Kellie left working on customer quilts.  As of last night I am all caught up on those customer quilts.

I plan on spending the week working on sewing pillow cases together, and maybe making some doggy pillows and or blankets.

Prior to Kellie's arrival I did have a couple of projects completed and now is the time to show them.

This little panel was donated to us.  I decided that it didn't need to be cut up and I could just quilt it as is.  Officially it is Iowa Comfort Quilt 166.   I sent along a Harley bear that was donated by Theresa H, as the companion buddy on this quilt.  I thought maybe it would keep the bears on the quilt company.  

I learned how to machine bind on this quilt.  I still am not real good at it....but thank you to my teachers Celia and Jan!

Another little panel that I just quilted up quickly.  

If you look closely you will see that the backing on both quilts are the same.  That is me trying to be time efficient and manage fabric.  
Although the top is of a sail boat, the back had bears on it....so I sent along another Harley bear with this quilt. This one was a little boy bear, I thought it only right since the top said "It's a boy".

Penny W. mailed these 4 pillow cases to us, to help our challenge.  They are bright and cheerful, and as you can see these cases do not have that little flange on them between the cuff and the body of the case.  Now I only bring it up to remind everyone that there are no rules for this challenge.  All one color, flannel or cotton, flange or not....the only requirement is that they are done.  Preferably by April 1, 2015, but I will take them after that.  

Officially these are pillowcases 40-43.

I want to thank Celia and Jan for spending time teaching me how to machine bind.  I expect to be using that method on all of our Hope quilts in the future.  I think with the amount of washing they will be getting that machine binding will serve them better.

Thank you also to Penny for the pillow cases, I hope you know that you have brought joy to someone in the near future.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We have pillow cases!

Our local quilters are such good people!  So generous to those in need.

These quilts were donated by Jan M.  She made them from her stash of flannel.  They are warm and cozy. The center thought these would be given out right away giving the recipients a little extra warmth during our cold winter. 

 Officially these pillow cases are 7- 15 on our donation challenge.

 These fourteen quilts were donated by Jackie O. I love the variety of them.  We have cases that can be used for children and adults a like. The center told me that they were going to keep the snowmen aside, and use them during the next holiday season.

Officially these pillow cases are donations 16 -29, in our challenge.

Lonnie K. decided to help out in the challenge also.  Lonnie made four pillow cases from her stash.  I had called and asked her to kit me 6 pillow cases from the sale material at Adel Quilting.  When I went in to pick them up Lonnie decided that she was going to pay for the kits and put them together for me.

Yep our local quilters are just GREAT PEOPLE!

Officially these cases are 29-39.

So we are 39 completed in our challenge of 250.  I know we have more out there, but we can always use more!  So please consider donating.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whew what a week!

My sister from San Jose Ca. came for a visit for the last week.

This trip was suppose to be for her to kick back and relax, and for the most part that is what we did.  But being the big sister that I was, I couldn't resist putting her to work with my fabric.

I have been trying to get everything in one room for several months now.  Working a little each night.  I had a goal of accomplishing that goal while Kellie was here....  and I needed her help.

Okay so in all honesty I had a lot in there....stuffed in there that is.  I needed an intervention and help (read kick in the backside) to get this all under control!

This was my domestic sewing machine area.... no sewing going on there.

This is where I wanted my fabric to be stored on mini bolts.  The theory is that if I can see it, I will use it.

My floor is cluttered with future projects.  That big sack hanging from the wall is future dog beds, that still need to be chopped up or stuffed into the bed.  That purple basket is fabric that should be used future Doggy blankets.

A view of my cutting table.....I hang my head in shame!

Poor Kellie thought she was in a bad fairy tale!  No you don't get to take a break until all that fabric is on a mini bolt....get to work!

Look what a great job she did! That afternoon!

One evening Kellie and I worked on pillow cases for the 2015 challenge. I cut and ironed.  Kellie worked on pinning the kits together for me.  I have 15 cases ready to sew when Fonzi is working on quilting a quilt.

My fabric is organized by color under my long arm.

I can actually cut fabric at my cutting table.

My sewing machine is actually being used.  I am practicing machine binding on my domestic machine.  My friends Celia and Jan taught me. I am not nearly as good as they are but I hope to be one day.

I had a great time with Kellie this past week.  I also really appreciate that she was willing to help me out with my fabric organization.  What we found out was that Kellie found it relaxing to play with fabric.  A true sister!  I might have sparked another quilter!

Hope everyone has a great week.  Finished projects next week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I have been busy

Over the last several months I have been kitting fabric for future quilts for the center.

A couple of years ago Jacque J. hosted an annual retreat.  Every year they do a charity project.  This particular retreat everyone was asked to bring 10 inch squares in fall colors.  Above is a sampling of the fabrics donated.  Jacque donated the blocks to Iowa Comfort.

I sorted the fabric and made these 4 kits out of them.  I plan to use the double sliced layer cake pattern from Missouri Star Quilts.  A pattern that goes together really quickly. With all the varying fabric these quilts should turn out awesome! I even have some fall fabric ( picture 2) to use as binding on them.

This fabric or at least the layer cake, was purchased in Anchorage last year when I visited my sister.  It is flannel.  I didn't have quite enough fabric to make a bed size quilt for the center....so it has been setting on a shelf for several months.  Then at Quilt Circle I spotted the fabric to the right.  It was perfect for this quilt.  So the fabric will be cut down into 10 inch squares and I will have enough for a quilt.

Remember fabric that was donated by Fon's and Porter?  There was all that beautiful Asian fabric.  I cut it all down into 10 inch squares.  As a result of several weeks of cutting and sorting I have 8 kits ready to be sewn up.

There was also a large donation of Christmas fabric donated by Fon's and Porter.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  I just could not wrap my head around making bed size quilts out of Christmas fabric or even Hope Quilts.

I spoke with one of the centers staff members at the center and we decided that perhaps we could use that fabric to make quilts to be used as Christmas gifts.  Every year they have residents that do not get adopted.  These lap size quilts will make a perfect gift for those who might not otherwise get a gift.  I think I have six kitted.  I plan to have at least three ready for delivery before the end of the year.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Someone is being sneaky!

You all know that I am not accepting fabric donations.  So imagine my surprise when I came home from the hair dressers to find this propped up between the doors.

That is a full bolt of 108' muslin backing.  

The person that donated the material left me a little note also.

Clearly they knew that I would have thought this to be to big of a donation.

I would like to thank the person who generously donated this material.  Additionally I would like to let you know that I will use the material for backing on 5 large (queen size) panels that were previously donated.

The center will get family bed quilts this year!  Something they can always use. 

Thank you again....whoever you are!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Darn ground hog!

I have to tell you that it has been tough coming back from the Caribbean to this past weeks weather!

Then that darned old ground hog said that we were going to have another 6 weeks of winter.  Kind of got me down, and I put my little mind to work.

I do better with challenges, and since I am going to be inside because of the weather, I thought maybe a sewing challenge.

The centers director recently shared with me their need for pillowcases.  They use them for not only pillowcases, but to distribute school supplies, personal hygiene products and many other purposes.

So I asked the direct question, "How many pillowcases could realistically use in a year?"

I was not prepared for the answer.  The center will use at least 250 pillowcases this year.  Johnna told me that if they had the supply they could probably use 500.  With the supply they would not have to ration their use.

Now I just don't have it in me to ask for the full 500. Somehow that seems greedy to me.  But..... I am going ask for your help, and set a goal of 250 pillowcases by April 1.  That groundhog said it was going to be winter for 6 more weeks!

Yes I know that is a lofty goal, I am hoping we can make it.  Every pillowcase beyond 250 will be a happy blessing.

SO the question is how will we manage to obtain this goal.  I can only see one way.  Well besides sewing of course.... that is asking you to share with your group of friends.  Do you have quilting buddies?  Could you organize a small get together?  What about church groups?  How about starting a challenge at work?

What are the rules for the pillowcases?  They are pretty simple... we just need pillowcases.  They can be all one fabric, they can be ugly, they can be cute, they can be flannel or 100% cotton.  They need to be standard size.  You can Google pillowcase video's and find directions if you need to.

So go through your stash, and find that fabric that needs to be used and make a pillowcase.  

I think you can make one in about 10 minutes start to finish.  And if you can't find any fabric that you can't part with from your stash.... here is your solution.

Jacque at Adel Quilting and Dry Goods has sale fabric!  She put together some possible pairings for us.  So you could help out two organizations at once.  Help out the center by providing a pillow case, help Jacque move some fabric off the sale shelf.

Adel Quilting continues to be a drop off point for Iowa Comfort.  So you can feel free to drop off your finished pillowcases there.  Of course you can give me a call or email me at Debralsemmens@hotmail.com and we can work out a time for dropping them off here.  Your third option would be to mail them to me at:

Iowa Comfort
PO BOX 615
De Soto Iowa 50069

If you are doing a single pillowcase the postage should be minimal.

So there you have it.  250 pillowcases in 6 weeks.  I think we can do it!  I hope we can do it.

Please help, and remember that all of our donations remain in 10 counties in Iowa.  Over half those counties are considered some of the lowest income counties in Iowa.  

A single pillow case will make a difference!  Thanks for even thinking about accepting this challenge.