Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just a quick post

A quick update.  I am 10 days post surgery and still restricted to the recyliner.  Surgery went well, but this no moving is wearing thin on my spirit.

Fortunately prior to surgery Jan M used up some fabric from other projects and created these two wheel chair quilts.

 I have to admit that I am loving working on the wheel chair quilts.  They are fast, furious and lets face it they are going to bring comfort to people that are all too often forgotten.

I asked Jan for the pattern to these quilts....she promptly giggled at me and told me she just cut and sewed!  Okay so that is really scary for me....I like to be able to follow directions....but way back in the back of my mind I am thinking how much fun it could be just to let go and see what I can come up with.

These are the fabric samples that I haven't used yet. There are samples of each of the individuals fabric in the line. Each piece of fabric is a different size.  Good news is that each of the samples are color cordinated and will make slicing and matching very easy.  We will have both feminine and masculine quilts.  I plan to kit these for both the 36 X 36 quilts and the slightly larger quilts sized 45X45.

Well it is time for me to get back in my chair, so I am going to sign off and hope to have another finished project to show you next week.

Thanks Jan once again for your time, talents and generosity!

Enjoy the warmer weather this week.  I would have if I could have gotten out in it.

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